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Kodenia is a leader
in software development

for customized business solutions. A team of highly skilled developers join their efforts to deliver solutions to help you grow your business, increase your customer base and make informed decisions. The team has expertise in:

  • Web and Mobile Applications
    to expose your business to users through a professional digital interface
  • AR/VR Solutions
    We offer solutions to provide your technicians with professional training on the job, allow your regular technicians to perform advanced maintenance tasks through remote guidance by expert technicians, and to allow your clients to setup your products and/or services on their own in a seamless and user-friendly manner.
  • AI And Machine Learning Solutions
    with analytics providing domain specific insights and an array of statistical metrics for intelligent and informed decision making
  • Network Management Solutions
    for Telecom Operators and Large Enterprises
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How we work

Understand our process for delivering business-critical software solutions


We believe building a truly impactful product starts with understanding your business before anything else

We follow these steps to create a software product design that fulfills your needs and that fulfills the highest technical standards.

  • We meet and hear from you to understand what your essential business needs are.

  • We devise a digital solution that will fulfill your business needs.

  • We get your feedback and continue to revise until we reach a plan that you are completely satisfied with.


Our team does what they are best at while keeping you involved in the process

During implementation, we adopt the following practices to make sure that at every step of the process the solution fulfills your expectations.

  • Regular deliveries that allow you to check the status of the product as we are building it.

  • Feedback from you that allows us to correct any issue before we deliver.

  • Regular milestone planning that allows us to plan the details of execution one milestone at a time, because we know that things change sometimes, and new needs may arise.


We will support you after delivery to make sure our solution evolves with your business

After delivery, we provide the following services.

  • Commitment to fixing bugs that do come up within our solution.

  • Planning and delivering additional features that keep our solution in sync with the changing realities of your business.

Kodenia Services

Full-Stack Development Company & Customized Business Solutions


We provide smart digital solutions, for multiple sectors, using cutting-edge technologies. Our solutions cater to your business needs in terms of professional online presence, increased customer base and retention, and added-value features and services.

Specialized web applications that achieve needed business logic with an attention to superior user experience.

Custom-built iOS and Android applications for all types of business solutions.

AR solutions in a number of industries including but not limited to, Training, Medical, Educational, Manufacturing, and Entertainment.

We use state-of-the-art AI tools and Machine Learning algorithms to provide all types of statistics about your business and customer base for informed decision making that will help you grow your business.

We offer customized networking management solutions that cater to the specific needs of large enterprises for optimized network operation

We use our expertise in network management to optimize the networking and operations of Telecom operators, and free their networks from vendor lock-in.

Our expertise includes the latest trends in networking including SDN, NFV, cloud and edge-based solutions, and multi-vendor network management such as network discovery, inventory management, device provisioning, audit and compliance, and granular remediation of violations within the network. “Your network under Your control”.

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